Our family history starts in 1927 when Michele Seghesio took up a career as a mercer moving from a place to another, from Piedmont to Liguria, having a bicycle ride with a bundle on his back.


From 1932 on, his son Angelo, at that time twelve years old, began to help his father and the general activity that guaranteed a solid start to a flourishing trade.


At the end of the second World War, between 1945 and 1946, Angelo and his wife Iolanda decided to open a store called “Seghesio Angelo Tessuti”.


Those were difficult years, but with dedication and will, the activity grew up and with the help of his daughter Silvia, in the 60s, the trade spread out becoming a good reference point for thousands of customers.


In October 31, 1978 the company “Seghesio Angelo” was recorded in the Hall of Fame for its prestigious professional activity.


In the 80s,  Angelo retired and had to divest his business to his daughter Silvia.


In 1986,  the main headquarters in street Pallavicino was moved to street Roma with wider and more comfortable spaces to work in and, with the help of her husband Marco, the variety of products grew, increasing the sales in the home furnishings, from window treatment to linen.


In 1993 their son Silvio was part of this activity.


Today, the company “1927 Seghesio Arte Tessile s.a.s.” ,  managed  by the fourth generation family, works in Ceva on a 300 square meter area, offering the best new brands (both italian and international), looking for a good price/quality ratio and  dealing with the best national and international manufacturers.


Our activity continues and grows up with our e-commerce solution.


“We work with dedication like our early generations”



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